Using Ryo Tobacco Has A Strong Economical Basis Essay

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Participants identified a myriad of reasons for their RYO usage and preference; we identified several themes within these which are: price, taste, health concerns, increased control, and increased ways of sharing.

4.1.1 Price
Nearly all research participants reported smoking RYO because of its lower cost. Even participants who did not cite price as main reason for choosing RYO tobacco over TM cigarettes mentioned price in their reasoning, and commented on how RYO was much more affordable than TM.

Because um … tailor made cigarettes are really are far, like way more expensive here. Couldn’t afford it. Even, even rollies are quite expensive but um, they’re more affordable. (Oona, p4)

Um, I think it was the price thing when I got into, you know, it was quite a bit more expensive to buy tailies than it was to buy rollies (Petra, p3)

Some explained their calculations to demonstrate that using RYO tobacco had a strong economical basis. It’s cheaper and it lasts longer. ‘Cos I think, yeah you pay $20 for like a pack of cigarettes which is … yeah only 20 cigarettes or you pay $40 for a pouch and there’s like 100 cigarettes worth of tobacco so it kind’ve just makes sense. (Aimee, p7)

Well, because they last for longer and um, comparatively – proportionally it’s um, the cost benefit ratio is better. (Oona, p4)

Several talked about switching from TM to RYO in order to help to save costs “in the long run”, a comment which also indicated their commitment to smoking.


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