Using Drugs And Its Effects On The Prevention Of Drug Education Program

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Mention earlier in this evaluation the literature had determined there are several ways to prevent students to using drugs. The best place to education students about drug use is in a classroom setting. Many students received their drug education at their public or private schools. It has been implicated that early push for drug education may have caused a negative effect on the prevention of drug use in students. It was believed that the sudden push to promote drug education may has in fact cause more student to become aware of drugs than they were before. It was later researched that maybe the type of drug education was the concern. There was a period where drug education program were being created at a rapid rate and schools were not using just one program. Every time a new program came out the local schools systems were eager to try it along with the other existing programs. The most effective program at that time were considered evidence-based program such as DARE. Drug Abuse Resistance Education D.A.R.E program was also a school based drug education program. This program is also geared to teach students to not use drug and avoid violence. The information obtain from previous literature has shown there is a correlation between peer pressure and drug use. There has not been an ample amount of information on the effects of socio economic status and drug use. The area study will need to be researched further. I do believe there will be a negative correlation between…

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