Essay on Using Chatbots And Other Digital Interface Tools

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Within the next five years, trends in technology, specifically regarding chatbots and other digital interface tools, will enable an increase in civic participation and government accountability. The trend in bot technology will change user habits and demands, both as consumers and as citizens. How the government meets this demand, as we see it, has the potential to generate enormous positive social impact.
The U.S. government contains both intentional and unintentional inefficiencies. Despite slow changes towards a more agile and flexible government (e.g., the work of 18F and USDS) we’ve yet to see technology used to truly link citizens with their government. In order to describe our vision of how this process might improve, we will frame our report a specific proposal, which we call: We propose pairing bot technology with government services through a platform—BOTS.GOV—which builds on user smartphone and computing habits. BOTS.GOV will give citizens a method of accessing the troves of open data (i.e., the bot finds it), accessing government processes and services (i.e., the bot assists in filling out forms, input information, and navigating bureaucratic processes), and informing governments (via the bot) about problems, issues, and wants in real time.
Building an efficient and responsive government is social innovation, and we propose that bots are going to catalyze the next great leap forward in that process.

The Problem
We hold to the following premises:…

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