Use Of Tone, Imagery, And Diction For My Moment Embarrassing Life

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In the minds of many, there are a lot of special experience that always exist, but some of the experience will forget in a moment. Therefore, I still can remember my most embarrassing moment, it was happened before last three year. That day I was ready to immigrant to United States and I experienced the embarrassing moment at the same time. I will relate my story using the literary elements of tone, imagery, and diction for my moment embarrassing life. In one of the cold winter day in china, I felt very super nervous and lucky at the same time. The reason was I can immigrant to a new country and it was United States. At the night right before I got on the airplane to United States, I was very excitement and cannot fall to sleep. Then I got up at midnight and went to the restroom. After I went in the restroom I saw something red was on the stool. I had no idea what that was,so I used my hand to pick it up. Ather I pick it up, I used my hand to feel what it was, it was kind of like water and glue. I want my parents know I clear up the stool, therefore, I ran to my parents’ room and drag my mom to see what I did. I thought my mom will praise what I did, so I was very happy about it. However, after my mom saw my hand, she did not say anything and take the red thing off my hand throw in garbage. I did not know why my mom did not praise me and throw out the red thing. Therefore, I went to ask my father what happen. My dad face look like mango and both eyes fall out on the…

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