Use Of Force By William Carlos Williams Essay

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The Use of Force, a short story, by William Carlos Williams depicts one of many complications that doctors face everyday while on the job. A pediatric doctor that had been in practice for years was soon going to come across a very difficult patient that was not going to make his job any easier. This short story primarily focuses on a conflict and climax in which a patient is injured during the process due to the doctor’s maltreatment. Because the majority of the story is revolved around the conflict, the climax becomes that much more suspense. With the events that happen during the conflict, the audience is soon hooked and is left wondering what is going to happen next. To begin, the main characters of the story are Doctor Olson and his patient Mathilda, who is a female child that has been showing signs of a potentially fatal condition called Diphtheria. The conflict between these two characters is the main component of why the audience is so intrigued by the events that lead up to the climax. The conflict of the story is the battle between the doctor trying to get a throat culture from the uncooperative patient.Through his anger and persistence the doctor is left in a sticky situation of ultimately using his force beyond what is acceptable. This eventually leads to the conclusion whether or not the doctor may have gone to far to obtain a sample. How should a doctor handle a situation in which they must get a specimen of a potentially life-threating condition…

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