Use Of Economics And Education For Environmental Responsibility

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Amol Agade
CWID: A20313716
Energy Environment & Economics
CHE 543/Fall 2014
Home Work 6
Use of Economics and Education for Environmental Responsibility
Every day we see people moving around in their busy routine life from the beginning of the day until the end. Due to the rapid economic growth in the current scenario, many of us are facing a stiff competition while still trying to maintain ones’ own identity. However, due to this natural lifestyle, adults, children 's can be seen throwing their personal belongings or waste anywhere onto streets or routine roads without any fear. Therefore, littering has become a serious environmental problem in some countries. Littering can affect individuals, wildlife, and the environment in many different ways.
Litter is a trash of any type thrown where it doesn 't belong. Litter is a chewing gum wrappers, cigarettes butt tossed on a ground, plastic bottles, soda can and household items anywhere on remote site. Improper disposal of automotive wastes such as tires, metal parts directly lying in an open land is also a part of littering. Nowadays due to technological evolution, even electronic wastes has become an international issue as more number of electronic product are getting added up in the waste stream and few countries are illegally transporting their waste to developing countries like India, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan etc. and making that location as a dumping ground.
The items littered can sometimes contain hazardous…

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