Use Of Black Soldiers As A Weapon Essays

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Secondly, it is also possible to see how the argument that Gallagher makes on the use of black soldiers as a weapon and how effective they were as a tool against the South through the use of the letter of David Demus to his wife Mary Jane Demus in which he states, “But a Mi Dear Jest let Me say to you if it had Not a bean for the Culard trups Wiy this offel Ware Wod last fer ten years to Cum but Now it Wis plane to see that if We all had a stade at hom Wiy What Wod a becum of us Culard peapel We Can say Now how Can say [unclear: tha] [unclear: dun] Wiy us Culard Men Was the [unclear: Cuson] of this ofel Rebelon.” Demus’ argument that if it were not for the efforts of the colored troops, the war would have lasted forever, and the Union would not have won, is similar to the arguments that Gallagher makes. He states, using the support of William Bluffton Miller’s diary in which it states, “’It gives us advantage of them in this. That they must run their Slaves south to help eat up their Supplies which are Scarce at best or we will make Soldiers of them and I am not particular if they put them in the front rank as they can stop a Rebbel Bullet as well as a white Soldier.’” Therefore, the letter of Demus provides support for Gallagher’s argument that while they were an effective tool, the war would have had a different meaning and their fight for the Union would have been different as well.
Lastly, the argument that Gallagher makes about the view of the emancipation within the…

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