Essay on Usage Of Anonymity During The Internet

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Usage of Anonymity

The purpose of using anonymity is to be unknown and this notion has been around even before the Internet was born. [5] The most functional usage of anonymity in society is to help conceal the speaker’s personal identity when he or she speaks out the truth or evidence against big organizations including a corrupt government. Speaking out these truths openly could endanger one 's life, therefore, anonymity has been used as a safe way to expose the immoral conduct of others without the fear of revenge. [6] Anonymity continued to shed some light about sensitive information that corrupt governments and corporation hides from the eyes of the public. These truths are heavily buried precisely because they negatively affect hundreds of people, which would earn harsh criticism from the majority of the public. Furthermore, in fear of embarrassment or heavy criticism, anonymity had also serves as an encouragement to people who have low self-esteem as they realized that there are numerous people encouraging them online. For example, anonymity can encourage someone to pursue their weird, but not illegal, obsessions that would otherwise be frowned upon by the public.

However, not all people do good things. Just as anonymity provides safety for informers who leaves tips to the police or newspapers, anonymity also protects criminals from the eyes of the law enforcement. It provides copious people the chance to openly commit crimes by easily donning a hidden persona…

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