Urinary Tract Infection Essay On UTI

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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
24% of the most women suffer from the first UTI , in between the ages of 18-24 and 1 in 2 women will experience a UTI in their life time. A woman has frequent UTI three or more in a year should ask the doctor for the treatment options that available.
Urinary Tract Infection happened in male and females but more common in females. Why in women? Because women have urethra or lined with sphincter muscle shorter than man. When a bacterium gets into the urine and gets in the bladder also.
How the urinary system works
The urinary system has three main functions.
1. Excretion and removing waste products and other elements from the blood.
2. Secretion to produce the urine.
3. Elimination to empty the urine from the bladder
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When urine travels down to the ureters and carry urine down pass through the bladder. The bladder store the urine and when the bladder is full will pass through the urethra tube and then the urine leaves the body. The end of the urethra of male called penis and the female called vagina.

The symptoms of UTI
- Abdominal pain and make you feel urinating more often.
- Burning sensation when urinate event not urinate much before and after.
- Smell very strong.
- Blood in urine.
- Need to urinate very often.
- Fever
Why causes the UTI
Because the urethra tube transports urine from the bladder the outside of the body very close to the anus., which allow bacteria quick access to the bladder. The bacteria from the anus could travel back to the urethra if you do not wipe the right way. The bacteria live in the rectal area when we wipe have to wipe from the front to the back instead. After done using the bathroom every time also wash your hands after. Also having sex can also have bacteria into the urinary tract
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Some people have UTI by have no symptoms at all.
Tests and Treatments for UTI
- If you have any symptoms or suspect that you have urinary tract infection see the doctor right away.
- The tests and procedures to diagnose is include urine sample.
- They are looking for the white blood cells, red blood cells or bacteria in order to get the treatment.
- The treatment with Antibiotics medication could kill the Bactria better.
- Make sure to finish the medication ever you have no longer had the symptoms or feel better.
- Drink a lot of fluid to flush the bacteria from the system.
- If the symptoms got worse need to see physician again to get treat for the different antibiotic.
UTI Prognosis
- Urinary tract infection can be treated with antibiotics depends on duration.
- The infection could spread to the bloodstream can causing sepsis and kidney damage or death.
How to prevent UTI
- Drink a lot of water to flush the bacteria out of the body at least eight glassed per day.
- Drink Cranberries juice every day to reduce the risk of UTI and prevent of cystitis.
- Urinate and empty the bladder

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