Urbanized Eagle Research Paper

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Urbanized Eagles

American Bald Eagles have been sighted in many areas of Houston and the Gulf Coast. I call them urbanized eagles. Some photographers may select to use computer software to remove the trash in the photographs. I try to capture the moment and these photographs reflect the truth of that moment. William L. Morris III Flight

Witnessing the American Bald Eagles in flight is an awesome sight. Capturing the moments of an eagle in flight requires patience. One of my favorite moments while photographing eagles is when I get to see to top side of the eagle while in flight. William L. Morris III


Landing can be one of the most rewarding and difficult moments to capture. It can sometimes take months to get the shot. When I
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I enjoy the ability and power the eagles have at this point. Unless startled the eagles takes time considering their takeoff. Sometimes they’ll wind up for takeoff just to stop because of wind or weather conditions. Almost no effort is wasted in the eagle’s life. William L. Morris III Eagle on the Water

In more urbanized areas, I have only witnessed eagles on the water about 10 times in my hundreds of hours in the field. Days spent observing eagles are special. When I witness them bathing or drinking, sometimes eating or just cooling off I feel honored that I’m there and even more so that they allow me to be there. William L. Morris III

Eagle and Light

The colors of the Eagle are difficult to capture due their bright white heads and dark cinnamon brown bodies. Sunrise or sunset can bring some of the best light for any subject but especially the Bald Eagle. At those times light brings wonderful details. With today’s photo software just about anything is possible on computer but I prefer to share nature as it was in the moment. As it was in this special light. William L. Morris III Survival of the Eagle

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