Unwanted Gifts Of Life Analysis

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Unwanted Gifts of Life Naturally, children are walking gifts to parents. They bring purpose, light and joy into the lives of most people. But on occasion, the news a mother receives about bearing her first child can be devastating and hard. In certain situations, having a child can seem like more of a burden and intrusion in one’s life. Especially if the parents are young and just starting a life on their own. In Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills like White Elephants” and T. Coraghessan Boyle’s “The Love of My Life,” two young women try desperately to make sense of unwanted pregnancy. Although the girl and China live different lives and experience their own situation, both share many of the same feelings and thoughts. Before the girl and China find out they both are pregnant, their lives were bright and happy. They both were in love, going on adventures and …show more content…
The girl, ultimately decides to abort her unborn child (Hemingway 300). At the end of the story, readers can infer that she has the operation even though she is afraid to go through with it. The author also suggests that the girl will in the end regret the decision because she hints at not wanting to have the operation. This can be understood by her discussing the hills with the man. She first says she thinks they look like white elephants but then later changes her mind (Hemingway 298). The girl tries to indirectly share her true feelings with the man but he does not catch on. China also chooses the same option in the end as well. Although she chooses not to have an abortion and has the child, she leaves it in a dumpster to die (Boyle 311). China to regrets her decision. Jeremy did what she asked by getting rid of the child, but it’s the reason why the baby is now dead and why both are facing time in prison (Boyle 311). Both girls in a sense chose the same outcome for the child, but the girl is not punished for her

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