Essay about Unsafe Sex Practice

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Unsafe sex or unprotected sex describes sexual contact of any form that takes place in the absence of a condom normally used in preventing the risk of sexually transmitted infections and HIV (Chambers, 2010). The World Health Organisation (2004) considers all the consequences that can arise from unsafe sex practice and came up with a broader definition stating that any sexual contact that can lead to unwanted pregnancy, abortion, infertility, unstable mental conditions and cancer arising from certain sexually transmitted infections is also termed unsafe sex. Members of the high risk group that frequently practice unsafe sex and more prone to contracting sexually transmitted infections and HIV include men who have sex with men (MSM or …show more content…
not knowing that oral sex or oral contraceptives isn’t a protection against sexually transmitted infections (Landers, 2004). As a way of curbing HIV and Sexually transmitted infections, the Catholic Church preaches and advocates for abstinence in unmarried individuals and fidelity in married couples rather than the use of condoms which it sees as ineffective and “licence for sexuality” thereby opposing the will of God (BBC, 2003).This approach is good but it fails to consider situations where Human weakness comes into play and control is lost. Study suggests that adolescents in Bangladeshi families lack the parent-child sexual communication because of ethnic and religious constraints faced by their parents (Elam, 1999). Although adolescents who regularly attend religious meetings start having sex at a much older age, they practice unsafe sex due to lack of proper information once they start having sex (Morhason-bello, et al., 2008). Now that the dangers and disadvantages of unsafe sexual practice are known, there is need to communicate it to the populace especially members of the high risk group. Communication of unsafe sex risk is very important. It is the most efficient prevention method that explains the severity of the risk to the targeted audience thereby empowering them to make right and healthy choices (Fraukje, Ree and Roberts, 2012). Factors that will ensure an

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