Identity In Society

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Identity is when people connect and how individuals associate and how they move through life, building and constructing a way of living that makes them feel safe in today 's general public in today 's society. The complexity of society is reflected in the unpredictability of identity the shifting performance of how we present ourselves to others and the range of people that we regard as ‘one of us’ is a huge part. Identity, likewise, is usually a source of esteem, of solidarity and comfort and having a sense of belonging. Which overall create mutual support for individuals to seek help from one another.
Some aspects of our identities are determined at birth, like our sex and aspects of our physical appearance. Others, such as class or faith, we might inherit or adopt from family and culture. We also have choices
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“It also gives veterans a chance for the homecoming reception most never had when they returned from Vietnam” which made the ritual more significant. They travelled in a pack to reinforce a sense of brotherhood and “kinship” honoring respect, sympathy, fellowship and regard commitment as well. Which allowed soldiers to escape from their busy lives, and come together as one and experience a sense of collectivism. These soldiers had mutual characteristics they all experienced which allowed them to emotionally bond in a way. Their identities as a soldiers created a meaning were already seen by people but due to having that identity as a soldiers, they were able to carry out a meaningful relationship and come together and bond over this ritual and help relieve stress and trauma they felt from the event. Many factors from this article contributed to this this behavior that showed mutual support and shared identities are

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