Dystopian Film Theme

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Dystopian movies share a universal theme about the loss of humanity. The movie I chose to analyze was the Dystopian movie, I am Legend, by Francis Lawrence. This movie shows how the humans tried to cure cancer, but in the end, they just made it worse than before. The humans are the only ones that can fix their problem and that’s what Will Smith’s character does. Throughout the movie, narrative transport, sacrificial love, moral lesson, and social cohesion are all used to show the universal theme that happens in society.
In the movie, the use of narrative transport is a key factor in getting the audience to be captivated into the story and showing the loss of humanity. When Sam died in the movie, Robert had lost his only companion at the time, who he probably considered his best friend. Those that watched that scene in the movie could think of something that made them feel that way that Robert felt at that moment. If the viewer had lost someone close to them or a dog, like the movie, then it probably hit them harder. While watching this scene, I couldn’t help but think of when I lost my dog. I knew exactly how
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When Sam ran into the dark building after the animal, Robert said to her, “You can't go running into the dark.” He was telling the dog that since the dark seekers can only be in the darkness, then the uninfected need to stay out of the darkness. Robert was so used to being alone that once Anna came he wasn’t happy, but instead he was mad. This happens so often in today’s society. We get so used to living a certain way that we usually don’t see anything wrong with it. For example, racism is a big thing that just came about again in society. Racism started a long time ago and it has just been passed down for generations. Parents and society are teaching the kids how to live and who to hate and like. It is socially normal for one to hate the other

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