Summary: Universal Serpent Power

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Chapter One
Universal Serpent Power
The Snake has always been my totem. The Snake is my muse in dance and is intimately connected with my own personal and spiritual journey. Serpent energy connects me to the consciousness of the Earth, as well as the none-physical realms. The Snake is an animal, but it is also a symbol, that represents rebirth, healing and the mysterious feminine. By the metaphor of their being, snakes demonstrate the cyclical nature of life. The shedding of the snake’s skin is emblematic of transformation and regeneration. As a snake owner I have observed that prior to shedding, there is a period of dullness, vulnerability and blindness. I feel like as a species this is the stage we are collectively at now. This emancipation
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It is a system for those who wish to resurrect their instincts, who want to end their alienation from their own nature and reconnect to their primal mother - the Earth. Like the snake the body is intimately connected to the Earth. Snake spirituality encourages responding to the sensual urges without shame or guilt. This is in stark contrast to the religions of the book which generally have an ambivalent view of sensuality. The way of the serpent encourages autonomy, yet advocates responsibility to the universal collective. The icon of the snake transmits the possibility to enjoy the embodied and instinctual nature and yet transcend spiritually.
Through interaction with the Snake spirit, I am learning to rediscover a deep connection to the nature around me. The snake is sinuous; enjoyment of life and survival requires flexible responses to environmental and psychic events. The purpose of life is surely transformation; this process may involve hard work and discomfort. To shed ones psychological skin is challenging and painful, but it is a necessary task to overcome feelings of alienation from nature and to discover our authentic selves. Removing layers of conditioning is a prerequisite to liberation, both personal and
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I have chosen to override the program of snake fear that we are perhaps born with. We are powerful creators. Thoughts, deeds and actions shape the world around us. As humans much of our behaviour and success as a species is attributed to our large, convoluted and complex cortex. This is generally perceived as the pinnacle of brain evolution and the generator of the technology that both helps and harms us. The so called reptilian part of the human brain, otherwise known as the brain stem, is misunderstood and maligned by pop psychology. The primitive brain stem has the emotional limbic system in-between it and the cortex. It looks exactly like a snake’s brain. Spurious neuroscience is often quoted, which attributes the reptilian brain to psychopathic behaviour. In reality studies show most sociopaths have been abused in childhood. The reptilian brain did not invent the atomic bomb or destroy ecosystems for profit. It also did not create science, art, poetry or philosophy, although the primal drive needed to activate the cortex into high functioning activity comes from the brain stem. The reptilian brains innate sense of survival is often overridden by the egoic cortex. The mysterious Pineal gland emanates from the reptilian brain, it is believed in many spiritual systems to be a third eye, suitable for inter-dimensional vision. The reptilian brain controls the body 's vital functions;

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