Universal Healthcare System

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Healthcare System of United States
A universal health care system has been a controversial topic in the United States. Therefore, many issues have been considered prevalent in the US health care system and among them are expenditures and its accessibility. The United States has the high gross domestic product compared to the other developed nations. Due to the larger per capita income, it spends a lot on the health care. The irony of this is also evident in the healthcare system. Despite being the nation with the highest gross domestic product, its healthcare has not been pleasant. It is considered to be among the nations which have poor quality healthcare when compared to the other industrialized nations. This paper will address the discrepancies
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All developed Nations such as Australia, Canada, and Europe have universal health care. However, United States is ranked among the industrialized countries but does not have a universal healthcare (Kane, 2016). The industrialized nations have universal healthcare because they consider it a right to every citizen to have affordable medication. Every citizen has the right to live this means that every citizen should enjoy the quality of life in any possible way. Universal healthcare is critical to that right because many citizens succumb because of not accessing the quality health care when need be, especially in the United States. Further, the developed nations have universal healthcare because the leadership in developed nations support the program on the other hand citizens are required to pay more inform of taxes so that they can support the universal health care program. This is not the case with the United States. The United States is a nation that has a high gross domestic product as compared to the other developed nations. It is known be among the countries that spend a lot of its GDP on universal health care yet has low-quality care than the majority of the western nations. The biggest problem that prevails the United States is that its political …show more content…
Infant mortality has been associated with the developing countries. However, United States is a developed nation that records high mortality rates in a year. Developed countries have superior longevity statistics and infant mortality because the rarely have economic, racial, and ethnic disparities that are evident in the United States. These variations account for high child mortality rates low life expectancy. For instance, 2005, many African-American babies registered a death rate of 13.63 per a thousand live births (Friedman, 2012). Due to the racial, economic, and ethnic disparities, the affected groups tend to have a low life expectancy and low

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