United States Of The American Revolution Essay

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In the 16th century, countries like France, Britain, Netherlands and Spain launched massive colonisation programs in the eastern part of North America, and the colonies were established successfully. However, by the time the American Revolution rolled around, Britain was the major coloniser in what is today United States of America. Four distinct British regions on the eastern seaboard of what today is called United States of America were: New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont); Middle Colonies, which comprised of the 13 colonies of the British Empire in North America (Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania); Chesapeake Bay Colonies, which included the Colony and Dominion of Virginia and Province of Maryland (Virginia, Maryland); and the Lower South, which included Provinces of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia). It is the 13 Chesapeake Bay colonies who got together and threw off the British colonial rule over a number of years, finally succeeding in 1783, and then managed to come together with various other areas and form the United States of America.

Britain never seems to have good relationships with indigenous populations, at least where North America is concerned, but it was also fighting with other European colonisers, especially France, for the control of aboriginal land and resources. Through treaties, the aboriginals often helped their affiliated Empires in their…

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