United Nations And Human Rights Essay

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United Nation’s Tools and Challenges to Protect and Enforce Human Rights
The United Nations possesses a plethora of tools specifically implemented to protect human rights. However, these mechanisms are heavily criticised and are somewhat flawed in regards to defining and enforcing human rights. This essay will discuss the United Nations tools, which range from simple monitoring to full military intervention. We will look at charter bodies in the United Nations and their involvement in on protecting human rights, and at other critical tools employed by the United Nations. To start, the Security Council of the United Nations consists of 15 state members. Five are permanent; they are the USA, Russia, France, China and the UK. The permanent five have the power to veto any military intervention. There is thus, an open opportunity for these superpower states to use their power for their own benefit. Not only is this a flaw, but until XXXX, this system trickled down into the Human Rights Commission. The Human Rights Commission was a treaty body enforcing human rights. The commission had the power to choose its own state members, thus allowing corruption from within. The states committing gross human rights violations sought membership on this Human Rights Commission in order to forestall any investigation on their own state. This ineffectual and manipulated system was a waste of resources. In XXXX, The Human Rights Commission was dissolved and the Human Rights Council was…

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