The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Analysis

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Human rights are the recognition of the equal worth of every human being. These rights preserve the inherent dignity every person is entitled. Human rights cannot be taken, or destroyed by others or oneself. Everyone has equal dignity at all stages of life. They are note susceptible to the notion of change, are transcendentalist, and immune to the forces of degrogration. After the horrors of World War II, the nations of the world came together to preserve these humans rights in writing, through The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, 1948). This document laid the foundation for justifying human rights, which in theory should not need justification. The right to life, liberty, security of a person, and to not to be subject to torture …show more content…
In corporal punishment, we know someone is guilty. They are being punished for a crime. This method might not be what we need use for terrorist. Interrogation on the other hand has elements of justification for punishing a terrorist and it’s goal is to obtain any relevant and useful information by questioning the detainee. There is set starting and stopping points. Torture can carry on indefinitely, even to the point of death. Intergotation is a useful and humane way of obtaining information that we need. Of course this route may or may not sway a terrorist into giving up the information necessary, but there are other methods to obtaining information and preventing harm to the general public. Whether that be using the NSA or FBI to monitor certain individuals that may have the information we need. Of course these are not ideal, but are better options than torture.
Torture is never justified. All humans have universal human rights that cannot be infringed upon, no matter their crime. It is not up to countries to torture a terrorist--a fellow human--to the point of death just to save other lives. It is up to countries to take appropriate and human measure to acquire useful information to prevent harm from coming to their citizens. Some may say terrorist forfeit their rights, but I cannot agree with that. A person cannot forfeit being human, thus in my mind, they cannot forfeit their

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