Unit 4001 Essay

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2.3 links between management style and managerial effectiveness and efficiency:
Managers have to perform many roles in an organization and how he/she handle various situations will depend on their style of management. A management style is an overall method of leadership used by a manager. Seeing things as they are Organisation, Authoritarian organisation, Participative organisation, Degree of participation.
There are three sharply contrasting styles.
Democratic Â
Managerial efficiency it can be deferent from managerial effectiveness.
Efficiency is concerned with doing things right and relates to inputs and what the manager dose.
And Effectiveness is concerned with doing the right thing and relates to
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 The managerial style developed by these managers might have been influence by the following formal managerial training, such as leadership and management education and training. Fore examples set by other managers the examples set by authority figures earlier in the manager's life.
3.1 Situations and circumstances which would require application of differing management style and behaviour:
As managers also try to adjust their styles according to the situation that they are presented with. There are four types of situational leadership that depend on the total of support and guidance which needed.
Telling:Â Works best when employees are neither willing not able to do the job. For example (high need of support and high need of guidance).
Delegating:Â Works best when the employees are willing to do the job and know how to go about it (low need of support and low need of guidance).
Participating:Â Works best when employees have the ability to do the job, but need a high amount of support (low need of guidance but high need of support).
Selling:Â when employees are willing to do the job, but don't know how to do it (low need of support but high need of guidance). Management style.
Differing management style and behaviour:
If we discussed earlier in this topic there are many circumstances when the management style needs to be

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