Essay about Unit 1

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Unit 1


Text Muscle Binds (p. 3)

virtue (n.), virtuous (adj.) to involve smb. in smth., be involved in/with, involvement (n.), involvement with/in strenuous (adj.) smugness (n.), smug (adj.) superiority (n.), superiority complex, superior (adj.), superior to smb.
(opposite) inferiority (n.), inferiority complex., inferior (adj.), inferior to smb. lure (v), lure (n) eternity (n.), eternal (adj.) cripple (v.), cripple (n.) flourish (v.) humiliate (v.), humiliation (n.) fad (n.), passing fad drag (n.), real drag charity (n.), charitable (adj.) mortal (n., adj.) obsess (v.), be obsessed by/with smth. obsession (n.), obsession with smth terms (plural) in practical/political/economic terms, in terms of
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B. How do you understand the term “couch potato”?


A Read this advice.
“It's high time you hung up your trainers and exercised your mind and not your body.”
Explain what this advice means. Who might it be given to? Is it sensible advice?

B Read the following magazine article about exercise. Decide whether the statements below it are true or false, according to what you read in the passage.

Muscle Binds “Where's the virtue in sport, fitness and the body beautiful?” asks Dina La Vardera. “It's high time you hung up your trainers and exercised your mind, not your body.” Think about the things in life that give you most pleasure. Watching television, perhaps, while sipping chilled lager? How about eating lasagne verde by candlelight in a favourite Italian restaurant? What do they all have in common? They all involve nothing more strenuous than sitting or lying down. Why, then, this present mania for doing things that necessitate remaining vertical or running around? I hate exercise and all forms of sport and I abhor the smugness and self-righteousness of those who think developing rippling muscles and flat stomachs superior to the cultivation of personality, manners, good taste in art, music, literature and food. I hate the multi-million dollar propaganda that accompanies the body beautiful, with its lure of glamour and eternal youth. I

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