Unhealthy Eating Research Paper

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Unhealthy eating can majorly affect a person’s body. When I was growing up, I recall eating fast food or junk food 2-4 days a week. All I did was damage my body by eating food that contained large amount of sugar and trans fat. Many children begin to destroy their bodies at a young age by not eating healthy. Later, when these children become adults, they have to suffer the consequences of risking the chance of having diseases. Unhealthy eating can cause many problems, but the two major effects of unhealthy eating are having an eating disorder and obesity.
The definition of unhealthy eating is not in the state of good or normal health eating; in an unsound, weak, or morbid condition (Dictionary 2016). Eating unhealthy became a big issue when
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Through out the years eating disorders have become very popular among people because is their gateway in changing their body appearance. “Over the years, the number of people having body image concerns and eating disorders have increased worldwide; and longitudinal research suggest that it may accumulate further (Singh, Parsekar, and Bhumika 2016:10). An eating disorder such as anorexia and bulimia are caused because people suffer from emotions and physical problems because of their appearance. Anorexia is when a person is desired to lose weight and refuses to eat and bulimia is when a person is also obsessed in losing weight and by doing so they purge their food. Many people suffer from eating disorders because they are unsatisfied with their body image. Having an eating disorder can be life threatening because it causes these people to create many health problems such as risking in having a physical …show more content…
A much bigger reason for having an unhealthy diet is depression disorder. “Major Depression Disorder, the diagnostic label for a clinically significant episodes of depression, is characterized by at least two-week period of persistent sad mood or a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities, and four or more additional symptoms, such as marked changes in weight or appetite, sleep disturbance, restlessness or slowing of thoughts and movements, fatigue, feelings of guild or worthlessness, concentration difficulties, and thoughts of suicide” (James and Ponzetti 2003). Having an unhealthy diet can also be because a person is having a difficult time in their life and they may be consuming food they shouldn’t. If a person isn’t having a great diet they can risk in getting diseases.
Majority of the people in the world have different type of food diets. Many people eat healthy and others have an unhealthy diet. An unhealthy diet has many different outcomes that can destroy a person’s body. Having an unhealthy diet and continuing the routine can risk a person’s overall life. A healthy diet can be: eating fresh produce, not consuming junk food, and working out daily. If a person changes their unhealthy diet to a healthier diet they have a better outcome. Eating healthy can get very difficult, but if a person gets motivated, they will change for the

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