Unhealthy Eating Essay

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Unhealthy eating can majorly affect a person’s body. When I was growing up, I recall eating fast food or junk food 2-4 days a week. All I did was damage my body by eating food that contained large amount of sugar and trans fat. Many children begin to destroy their bodies at a young age by not eating healthy. Later, when these children become adults, they have to suffer the consequences of risking the chance of having diseases. Unhealthy eating can cause many problems, but the two major effects of unhealthy eating are having an eating disorder and obesity.
The definition of unhealthy eating is not in the state of good or normal health eating; in an unsound, weak, or morbid condition (Dictionary 2016). Eating unhealthy became a big issue when people who are obsessed with their body appearance and they stop consuming food because they wanted to be skinny. “People have begun to worship this look, and our society now has this image of what we think is the perfect female posted in our minds. Because people have begun to idolize this image, there has been a rise in popularity of eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia (MacLeod 2000:27). Also another reason unhealthy eating became an issue was when people started to consume a lot of food that made them gain
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A person consuming food that is unhealthy causes obesity and obesity is when a person is overweight. “Overweight and obesity increase not only the risk of morbidity (illness or disease) and mortality but also the severity of diseases such as hypertension (high blood pressure), arthritis, and other musculoskeletal problems” (Wexler 2012). In the United States obesity has been one of the biggest reasons the death rate has increased. It is not a disease, but overeating, laziness, and environmental factors cause obesity. If a person eats too much fast food, junk food and does not workout, they risk in becoming

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