Unforgiven Essay

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I was enjoying my senior year of college, it was all about parties. I had an amazing car and some pretty awesome friends. I say I had, because I lost everything.

December 31 - New Years Eve

I was on the road and heading to my friend Andrea’s house. She recently moved and had the crazy idea to throw a new year’s eve party. Only thing is, she forgot to text me the address. I had to pull over into a gas station, my tank was on ‘E’. I went inside to speak with the clerk. The cutest little boy held the door open for me. How polite? Grown ups aren’t even that polite any more, I thought to myself.
“Thank you” I said to the little boy.
“You’re welcome miss” he replied.
I looked at his mother, “you have such an adorable
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My attention was back on the road. I’m five minutes away from Drea’s house. After 10 minutes of driving I can’t seem to find Drea’s house. I picked my phone back up to send another text.
“Drea, I think I’m lo…….” I looked back up from phone just in time to see that I was gonna hit a car. I tried slamming on the breaks but it was too late! The cars collided and everything went in slow motion. The sound of metal crunching was all I could hear. The cars finally came to a stop. Everything went black.
After what seemed like eternity I regained consciousness. I froze, not knowing what to do. I finally got out of the car ignoring the sharp pain on my head.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. The car I hit was off to the side of the road. I ran to them. The driver was passed out, she looked familiar. She was the mother of that cute boy who open the door for me. Oh my goodness! Where is the little boy!?! I ran back to my car to call the ambulance.
The operator: “ 911 what is your emergency?”
Jenna: “My name is Jenna, I need an ambulance!!!”
The operator: Mame, calm down.
Jenna: Please, please,please. I need an ambulance on E. Canyon Highway.
The operator: Mame, calm down. Tell me what happened?
Jenna: There was a car accident, the other car has a mom and her son in it. They are both unconscious.
The operator: The ambulance and police officials are on their way.

After 15 grueling minutes, the police and ambulance both arrived. The mom was finally awake

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