Unforgettable Experience In My Childhood

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That moment when I almost died under that train became one unforgettable experience that carved inside my memories. In my childhood, there is always something I can play with. My mom would buy me toys and other recreation equipment. However, something new catches my eyes and attracted me inside of it. A set of game card was created for teenagers to play. There is a name list of different hero characters from one to a hundred and number one is the strongest. . The rules for this card are simple. Two people place their card face down and flip the card the same time. The card will belong to you if your opponent’s card is weaker. These types of play cards are not sold individually or in certain package. It is only hidden in a type of snack. The only way I can get that card is to buy that snack and pray to get a better card. The game itself also has prizes once …show more content…
We built our house only few steps away from it. The surroundings of our house are peaceful and quite. The trees are swing softly through the breeze and the birds are hunting for food for its children. Yet, the least of perfection is that noise when the train passes through the track every night. I can feel my bed is shaking along with the ground. There is no track or sidewalk that allow people to walk. The only path we have is created by footsteps under the track. There were no protections or barriers and blocks people from trespassing unlike today. As a result, that train track became one of my playgrounds. I would usually play around with my friends on the track. Sometimes, I would take those metal nails in my house and place it on the track so when the train is coming through, it presses the nail and become a metal sword. The rain has gone and the sun appears from the layers of cloud. I can’t wait to go to the grocery store to by that snack and see which card I can get. I was like a wild horse that escaped from reins and got

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