Unethical Ethics And Professional Responsibility Essay

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Although surveys have shown that journalism is one of the least trusted professions, I believe some of this can be explained by unethical journalistic practices while most of it is due to the public’s lack of awareness. To put my opinion in numerical value, journalism is one of the least trusted professions 40 per cent due to unethical journalistic practices and 60 per cent due to the the public not fully understanding the role of journalists. I chose these figures because I believe both parties do not evenly contribute to this fact; the public’s lack of knowledge has more influence on journalism being one of the least trusted professions than unethical journalistic practices.
Upon reading chapter 12 on ethics and professional responsibility in our course textbook, I noticed that journalists are likely to be portrayed as “shady characters who bend the rules and even break a few laws to get the story”. What the public doesn’t perceive is that journalists are more ethical than they think, largely in part because we are forced to make tough calls every day and rely on in-house codes of ethics to deal with these dilemmas. An American study concluded that “Thinking like a journalist involves reflection, done at the level that in most instances equals or exceeds members of other professions.”
Kathy English, the Toronto Star’s Public Editor and Fiona Conway, CBC’s News Executive Director of Programming have expertise that further help prove my argument.
English is an…

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