Essay on Unemployment At Preston County Is An Ongoing Problem

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Unemployment in Preston County is an ongoing problem. Everywhere you see, people are working less and less. West Virginia is at the top of the state unemployment and labor statistics list. It has many people asking questions. Is it that hard to obtain a job in Preston County? The worst thing about the whole situation is that West Virginian residents seem like they do not want to work. MarketWatch reported in March of 2015 that less than half adults (18 or older) in West Virginia have a job. Preston is not the only county struggling in West Virginia. This issue has been going on for many years. What will it take to fix this issue? What must the people of Preston do? The steepest unemployment declines are in mining, logging, and construction. Since 2011, West Virginia has lost 6,700 coal-mining jobs. Regions where coalmines are concentrated and additional 3 to 11 are lost for every job lost in coal mining. According to the WorkForce, West Virginia, unemployment rates increased in 46 countries, decreased in seven, and was unchanged in two. Preston County’s rate went from 5.7 percent last year to 6.9 percent this year. The big question is why are people not working? Many blame President Obama and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (Preston County News & Journal) Congressman David B. McKinley made it very clear that Obama’s “War on Coal” is the reason for high unemployment rates. McKinley stated in a press release,” When President Obama was elected, West Virginia was…

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