Essay Undocumented Workers Benefiting America

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21 March 2011
Undocumented Workers Benefiting America Contrary to what most Americans believe, illegal immigrants are not causing our economy to weaken, in fact, they are causing just the opposite. Immigration enforcement has increased greatly in the past few years and undocumented immigrant workers are being deported much more frequently. America refuses to recognize the positive impact these illegal workers have on our economy. Without the surplus of illegal immigrant workers in the U.S. our country’s economy would suffer greatly. Illegal immigrant workers help our economy flourish and they positively influence the American workforce.
Even though the effect illegal immigrants have on this country is a hot topic of conversation, the
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What if all of the immigrants working illegally throughout America were to be deported back to their home countries? An absence of illegal immigrants in the U.S. workforce would cause for our economy to suffer greatly. In the article What if we threw out all the illegal immigrants?, Shirley Skeel writes about the possible outcome if all illegal immigrants were to be expelled from the country. There would be a nationwide shortage of manpower causing millions of low-skill, low-paying job positions to go unfilled. Industries that have a majority of low-skilled positions such as, the agriculture industry, construction industry, restaurant industry, and the hospitality industry, would be without the majority of their workers (Skeel 1). Thus causing the level of product output to decrease greatly. Without illegal immigrant workers filling up the low-skill, high intensive labor field worker positions on farms, billions of dollars worth of crops will be lost. For example, an estimated total of 40,000 field workers are needed to hand pick produce at lettuce farms all across Arizona (Mauriello 2). Arizona lettuce farmers employ mostly illegal workers for such labor-intensive positions. There aren’t many legal American citizens that are willing to take lettuce-harvesting positions due to the job’s high level of manual labor and low hourly wages (Mauriello 2). Undocumented immigrants are needed greatly by lettuce farmers because without them, farmers

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