Understanding The Unification Of Symbols Essay

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The words that come to mind when we think about literacy is reading and writing, but literacy is not just reading and writing, it is also if a person is able to comprehend information, express himself and his thoughts, and if he is able to inquire and process information. Literacy is about understanding the unification of symbols. It is a way of communications. Since everybody learns in a different way, traditional ways are not the only ways of acquiring literacy. In this paper, I will explore how I acquire literacy in nontraditional ways.
I was raised in a countryside, in a joint family system. I was surrounded by lots of cousins, some older than me and some younger than me. I and my cousins did not go to any preschool because there wasn’t any preschool at the time. All children would go into first grade when starting the school. At the age of preschoolers, we were staying at home and exploring our surroundings. Clay was something that was available in a huge amount to us. So, me and my cousins played a lot with clay. The clay we played with wasn’t like a Play-Doh that children use these days. It was a natural mud plastered clay that most people used to plaster their home’s interior and exterior walls to keep them cool in hot summer. The clay was also used for a natural aroma inside the house. Playing with the clay was fun as I was experiencing its qualities and softness. I was poking it, squeezing it and pounding it down. It was magical for me as a child and made me…

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