Essay about Understanding The Strategic Planning Process

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Understanding the Strategic Planning Process
The relationships between a mission, vision, strategic goals, objectives and action plans An organization’s mission statement serves to define why the company exists and its purpose to the public and the employees (Dunn, 2010). The mission statement declares how the organization’s vision will be accomplished, and the vision statement paints the picture of what and where the company wants to be (Hofstrand, 2009). The strategic goals are specific indicators that mark your progress in meeting the vision (Hofstrand, 2009). According to Dunn (2010), “objectives include short-term targets for each goal, are measurable, realistic, and feasible” (p.139). Action plans are detailed events that lead to attainment of the stated objectives (Hofstrand, 2009).
The steps in the strategic planning process The steps of a strategic plan are similar to the steps of the nursing process, with the first being an assessment of the organization’s current state (Androwich O’Malley & Androwich, 2008). Following the assessment, the developers involved in the planning process must look to their vision to determine what the organization hopes to achieve (Androwich O’Malley & Androwich, 2008). The next step in the process is to determine what processes need to be put in place to achieve the stated vision (Androwich O’Malley & Androwich, 2008). The fourth step is to list the actions that will be taken to realize the goal, and the final step is to put…

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