Understanding Social Work Theory And Her Talent For Applying Its Practice

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9.1 Feminist Practice:
Karen has demonstrated her depth of understanding Social Work theory and her talent for applying its practice. Karen was able to recognize the situation and view it with a socialist perspective. The initial information of two small children wandering around at night alone, pulls at our heart strings and exposes our bias. These biases make us susceptible to formulating rash knee jerk reactions of condemnation.
Karen is aware of her biases and has demonstrated the ability to control her emotions and actions. This has allowed her the view the situation beyond her own personal perspective and appreciate the vast array of the challenges that could be facing Tanya and her family. She was successful in drawing upon the viewpoint of Tanya to gain a better understanding of her situation and life experience. This allowed Karen to appreciate the particular and unique intersections of bias, oppression and sexism that probably affects Tanya.
Karen recognizes the commonality of all women, yet understands that each person has a unique experience. However, she is aware that every woman has suffered from varying degrees of oppression, control and objectification. Karen identified the observable and hidden intersections of systemic oppression and inequality that could be affecting Tanya. Karen is actively addressing these issues of inequality by affirming her trust in Tanya 's parenting skills, morality and judgment.

10.1 Compare and Contrast Aboriginal Approach:…

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