Understanding Nonverbal Behavior And People Essay

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I’m sure at some point in time everybody has wondered if someone was telling him or her the truth or not. With the knowledge of micro expressions it can be easily determined whether someone is lying or telling the truth. Micro expressions occur on different parts of the face when someone is trying to conceal an emotion. Knowing micro expressions can be essential to everyday life situations, and being able to read and interpret them is key to understanding nonverbal behavior and people.
The background and history of micro expressions goes all the way back to Charles Darwin in 1872. Darwin was the first person to suggest that emotions were universal, and that they are biologically innate (Matsumoto, Hwang, 2011). When Darwin first published The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals he cited examples that emotions have a universal facial expression, but he never mentions why expressions might be misleading or reliable (Ekman, 2003). It wasn’t until Paul Ekman conducted a study in the 1960s that tried to see if using facial expressions could help diagnose mental disorders. Ekman wanted to know if mental patients were telling the truth about their improvement, and so when Mary confessed to lying during an interview that was filmed he couldn’t see any evidence of deception. It wasn’t until he slowed the video down that he could see micro expressions, and they showed that she was experiencing despair and no improvement (Pontin 2009). With the help of W.V. Friesen, Paul Ekman…

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