Understanding My Current Negotiation Style Essay

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Before delving into this book I thought that I would find ways to affirm my current negotiation style. Within the introduction and later in the book I realized I would be questioning it. In the introduction Fisher and Ury describe the different forms of negotiation. Hard Negotiation, Soft Negotiation, Standard Negotiation, and Principled Negotiation. I had always thought that my way of compromising and finding a consensus was fine, until I knew the definitions of Hard and Soft Negotiation.

Hard Negotiation: Involves seeing the negotiation process as a contest which you plan to win. You take extreme positions and stand by them firmly mostly until the other person decides to give in. It often involves producing an equally hard response that exhausts the negotiator and their resources and also brings harm to the relationship with the other party (Fisher, Ury, & Patton, 2011, xxviii).

Soft Negotiation: Involves avoiding personal conflict and making compromises to reach agreement. As well as good-natured resolution. The good-nature of this style of leads to feelings of exploitation and feeling bitterness (Fisher, et al. 2011, xxviii).

I learned that I practice Standard Negotiation, which is a mix of the hard and soft negotiation. When avoiding hurting feelings I use Soft Negotiation, while ultimately compromising my own feelings. I have been giving into Hard Negotiation and using incorrect methods such as soft positional bargaining at work, and a slightly harder approach…

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