Understanding Human Behavior Essay

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Behaviour can be defined as a response/s and Human behaviour refers to the range of Behaviours showed by humans and which are influenced by its surrounding directly and indirectly. One of the most important things in Organizational Behaviour is to understand human behaviour, because the existence of the organization depends upon the employees/individuals behaviours. Organizations are composed of individuals and each individual behaviour/respond to its organizations is different as compare to other individual.
Human behaviour is unpredictable. In behaviour we cannot assume one set pattern of behaviour. Modern theories of human behaviour are based upon the differences among people and how those
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Another skill which an effective manager or leader needs is the ability to direct, change and control behaviour.
Managers have to understand that there are-going to be individual differences among the employees, as no individual is similar to other. Each individual is unique by themselves. Then one has to understand that each individual has to be taken care of as a whole person by taking care of his needs as well as training and making him up to date in terms of work. Ultimately human beings have to be treated with respect only then you can expect effective performance.
An organization’s human resource policies and practices represent important forces for shaping employee behaviour and attitudes. Human resource policies and practice influence organizational effectiveness. Human resource management includes: employee selection, training performance management, and union-management relations and how they influence organizations effectiveness.
1. Finding and analysing the variables that have an impact on employee productivity, absence, turnover, and satisfaction is often complicated.
2. Many of the concepts-motivation, or power, politics or organizational culture-are hard to assess.
3. Other factors are more easily definable and readily available-data that can be obtained from an employee’s personnel file and would include characteristics such as:
a. Age
b. Gender
c. Marital status
d. Length of service, etc.

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