Understanding Gender Roles In Ruskin's Society

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There are approximately 107 billiion people who have ever lived in this world. Today there are 7.3 billion people who live on the earth now and another 360,000 are brought into the earth each day. 50% are male and 50% female and all 100% have at some point been subjected to gender roles. To understand gender roles one must first understand and evaluate the time period and places being discussed. Different cultures, time periods, and the 107 billion people that have ever lived have shaped and molded “gender roles” to their liking but, the whole discussion can be boiled down to one thing and that’s the idea of normal.
Normality is defined as a state of being typical, used or expected. In essence this is what gender roles are. The are expected
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In Keat’s time, witchcraft was widely believed in so that is the scope through which he addresses the behaviors of women. Ruskin’s time was much less into the “burning witches at the stake scene” and was much more content locking women away and hooping books will teach their gentle souls. He looks at this issue through the eyes of his time and in his time women were normally house-keepers and such.
These two pieces introduce vitally important aspects about gender roles, the normal transfer of cultural views throughout time, and the authors in general to keep in mind when discussing other pieces addressing this common issue of gender roles.
Pieces such as Shakespeare’s play, “Much Ado about Nothing. First presented in 1598, a time right in the middle of the ?, he uses his characters to portray how gender roles no matter how much one denies them will always be upheld in society. Now before moving on let us remember the fat that authors are shaped by their culture, time period, religion, and Shakespeare is no exception to this concept. Hiis views and opinons of things are strongly based on his

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