Essay on Understanding And Definition Of Kindness

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The inspiration for this question is a video commercial that showed a man being selfless and kind, and though he did not have much, he had the joy he brought people through being kind. This video allowed the question to arise what is kindness. This question is the question chosen for research. When starting research, there is not much information on definitions or studies of kindness. Through researching under the topic kindness there needs to be more research done on this topic for future references. With the research done one will be able to create a general understanding and definition of kindness. There are many different ways to describe kindness and for that there is no definite answer to the question what is kindness? From research, one can build a basis or presumed definition of kindness. The word kindness relates with the word benevolent. From Psychology Dictionary, the definition of kindness is a benevolent and helpful action directed mainly towards another person (Psychology Dictionary, 2015). Smeets provides the idea that kindness can also refer to the kindness one person shows themselves (Smeets, E.M.2014). The Maastricht University and the University of Texas at Austin present the idea of Self -Compassion which implies that its important for people to learn to be kind to themselves. Along with showing caring and understanding for themselves other than judging themselves in a cruel way (Smeets, E.M.2014).
Even though there are many different views on the…

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