Essay on Understand how to lead and manage a team

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1.1 Define the key features of effective team performance
Positive leadership is important for effective team performance. Everyone needs to work together and be focused by supporting each other to achieve shared goals. It is very important that each member of the team is clear on their roles and responsibilities. Staff should have respect and understanding for their manager. The manager needs to be aware of the skills and the weaknesses within the team and be able to provide support when necessary. Training and support improves staff performance and develops confidence and team spirit.
1.2 Compare the models used to link individual roles and development with team performance
According to Belbin (1965) Team Roles are a way ascertaining
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Some of the barriers that teams must be overcome to function together successfully are
Unclear or unproductive communication
Different approaches result in individual being untrusting of others
The team can’t make consensus decisions when required
Team doesn’t understand their other team members roles
Team is not clear and bought into the common goal Evaluate your teams’ effectiveness and see if one or multiple of these barriers are holding your team back from being a truly high functioning team. Take steps to correct, one at a time, too much change will just through the group into chaos.
2.3 Analyse the effect group norms may have on team development
Group norms can affect the development of a team through an individual’s ideas on how to behave within a group. Each person will have their own set of rules and ideas or what normal behaviour is and this can cause conflict within a team environment. However this can also have a positive aspect as it is exactly these differences that make up the team dynamic and can contribute to its success as well as failure. People react differently within a group to when they are faced with a one to one situation. Often people will put up their guard and not say what is on their mind as they may be unfamiliar with some members of the group. This can obviously hamper the team’s efforts creatively. They may hold back saying something which could stop the team making a mistake and save time. On

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