Under The Persimmon Tree

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(AGG) The main point of the book, Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples, is to show the effect that loss can have on an average person, like you and me. (BS-1) When Nusrat had lost her beloved sister, she felt lost, and like she did not belong. (BS-2) Since her sister tragically died, helping children in need has helped Nusrat cope as she has been on a constraint search for the “why” that she felt she so needed to find. (BS-3) Her husband’s death has showed Nusrat her real self and that she must honor her husband and make amends for her mistakes in the past. (TS) The experiences and obstacles that Nusrat has within this book, are related to all of the loss that she has encountered in her life, changing her.

(MIP-1) The death of Margaret has caused Nusrat to feel lost and also feels there is no place for her. (SIP-A) Nusrat’s sister’s death has hurt her deeply that she would isolate herself from the world and her parents. (STEWE-1) Faiz’s sister, Asma, reminds Nusrat of her own sister, Margaret, “Nusrat smiles, but a little tug in the vicinity of her heart reminds her of her real sister, Margaret, who died when Nusrat was ten”(Staples 22). Losing her sister that was so dear to her and such a young age, has really taken it’s toll on Nusrat. (STEWE-2) Nusrat begins to search
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(BS-3) Faiz’s death has shown his wife, who she really is and what she must do next. (BS-2) Being the most likely the only shot of success for these kids in Afghanistan, helps Nusrat clear her mind and deal with the loss of her sister. (BS-1) Nusrats sister being ripped away from her has changed her for the worse, until she met Faiz. (R) Sometimes you could think about it, how has any loss affected your own life, or what would your life be like if you did not have something that we take for granted every

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