Robin Black Short Story: Divorced, Beheaded Survived

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Divorced, beheaded, survived.

Happiness plays a huge part in everyone's life. It's nice to spend your time doing what you like and especially if you're doing it with your family and friends. There's just so many good memories to be made and so many new friends to find. Unfortunately happiness isn't the only thing that all people will encounter. Loss is also a great part of living your life. Whether it'd be a family member dying or a friend moving far away. Bonds will be broken and that’s something you just cannot avoid.

In Robin Blacks short story ‘Divorced, beheaded, survived’ from 2010 we hear a lot about the loss of people dear to us. We hear about Sarah our narrator who looses her brother Terry when she is very young. She also has a son
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The whole text is very easy to read. The language is simple and casual. It's almost like someone (in this case the narrator whom is also a character) is telling you a story from their life. It's not just about how our characters have lost someone dear to them, but also about the mentality and strength it takes to move on and accept that death is a part of life that you simply cannot ignore. Many good memories can be made in life, but you have to realize and accept that death one day will come for us all and that includes the ones we love. It's a really big part of life and not a very comfortable one, but you have to move on and face death for you cannot just ignore it. No matter who were talking about. Your brother, your friend, your mom, your dad. They will all at some point in life die and we have just got to live with that. Because if we do not, then we will be marked just like our narrator has been and it'll only eat us up from the inside. Coming to terms with this might not be easy or particularly fun, but like many other things it's a part of living and so you really have no other choice than to deal with it as best you

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