Essay about Uncle Toms Cabin : The Abolitionist ( Anti Slave ) Movement

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Uncle Toms Cabin was highly influential on the abolitionist(anti-slave) movement and how the meaning behind racism of the book of impacts the nation. Slavery was introduced in 1620 and went to the 18th century. One dutch ship brought the first 20 slaves to Jamestow, Virginia, where they were sold and bought. They were brought to do the dirtywork of the slave owner such as to aid in the production of crops like tobacco and cotton. All slaves counted as ⅗ of one person for the population for taxation and representation of congress. What was it like to be a slave? Many people dont know thesuffering and abuse they had to go through just to surive ona day to day basis. Slaves lived in little shacks no bigger than a small room where they worked on tobacco, rice, and indigo plantations. Slaves had to do whatever they were told or there would be consequences. Many got punished for diobidiance or for the sake of the owner showing there dominant power. Theyd suffer through beatings of getting whipped, shackled, beating, burning, mutilation, branding, imprisonment and getting hung. For many women and young girls there was alot of sexual abuse, expecially in the southern culture. The south went through a period where they faced economic pricees. The mechanization of the textile industry led to a huge demand for american cotton. Slaves worked hours and hours on these crops where they had to remove seeds from raw cotton fibers all by hand. With slavery in American in doubt, because of…

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