Uncle Tom 's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe Essay

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During the time of The Civil War of 1861, the differing political and ethical options of the northerners and southerners created the debate discussing the institution of slavery. This disagreement is represented by Uncle Tom’s Cabin by, Harriet Beecher Stowe, by using the characters Simon Legree and Tom to symbolize the opinions of the North and South showing their political and ethical viewpoints.
The beginning of the Civil War was started by the growing tensions between the North and South 's political and ethical opinions, regarding the subject of slavery. This started and continued throughout the war bringing forth their definitive differences. The north 's drive to get rid of slavery, and the south’s conservative ideas, and their their need for enslaved laborers. A large majority of northern states went so far as to pass a law that would evaporate slavery entirely, but only applying to the states above the Mason-Dixon line. Unfortunately due to the federal Fugitive Slave Law made in 1793, slavery was very much alive in both the southern and northern states(since slaves were being taken from the north to the south). The South fought vigorously to prevent the extinction of slavery above and below the Mason-Dixon line. This issue became the talk of people 's political lifestyle and brought people 's morals into question. During the 1850s people were already beginning to choose sides entendre the possibility of war. Tensions enhanced by anger and frustration began to…

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