Ulaanbaatar the Capital City of Mongolia, Place She Should Never Visit

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Name: Khash-Erdene Ganbat (Jade)
Class: ENG 102B (Persuasion)
Professor: Lynnete Leonard
Assignment: Argumentative essay
City behind the curtain of smoke The capital city of Mongolia is called Ulaanbaatar. Although Mongolia has very beautiful nature and fresh air, according to the latest available statistics, Ulaanbaatar is considered to be one of the most polluted cities in the world (Time, Walsh, Sept. 27, 2011). Both the global warming and the pollution can cause the weather condition to deteriorate (. Moreover, our capital has denser infrastructure and greater population in comparison with other cities. The capital’s population is slightly more than the half of the whole population of Mongolia. Over-population and poverty
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I believe that this issue is more likely to cause big trouble to the travellers; it will not be wise decision for Dr. Leonard to visit my hometown. Secondly, if one is travelling in Ulaanbaatar, he or she is at risk of becoming victim of crime even in the daylight. I strongly recommend my professor to be accompanied because there are many smugglers and gangsters in every dark corner of the city. Recently, increasing number of the travellers visiting Ulaanbaatar resulted in a higher report of the crime. According to Mongolian National Police Department’s crime figures in 2012, most victims of such foul incidents were foreigners who were travelling in Ulaanbaatar (OSAC, Mongolia). In most cases, criminals target foreigners for the purpose of financial gain by street robbery. Furthermore, the vast majority of crime against foreigners occurs in Ulaanbaatar; travellers becoming victims of crime in the countryside is very rare. Visitors walking around Ulaanbaatar are advised to carry only the money they need and should leave their passports, wallets, and other valuables safe in the hotel or another secure location. When one walks down the street alone, it is just the same as if you are saying “pick-pocket me.” Thirdly, the biggest reason why she should not go to Ulaanbaatar is that its air has been extremely polluted because of the excessive number of cars running on fuel and yurts burning coal. It may even result one having problems with

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