USACE Contingencies Case Study

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A. When USACE performs construction, maintenance, and repair projects on a reimbursable basis, USACE may require an amount included on the order to cover unforeseen contingencies. This amount is determined by USACE and is applied on a percentage basis of the total order. The percentage may vary by geographic region. Ordering activities will obligate for these contingencies.

B. At fiscal year end, reduce contingency obligations to the actual obligations incurred by USACE. To accomplish this, USACE will advise the ordering activity in writing (message is acceptable) of the actual amount it has obligated for contingencies. This will be done not later than September 15 so that there is time to use the funds made available by this
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| |
|2 If the amount of the contract or other obligating document is less than the amount on the MIPR, then only obligate the amount of valid |
|obligations incurred; not the total amount cited on MIPR. |
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|3 Required by law means orders must be placed with a particular agency. There are no other options. authorized means there are other |
|options for agencies. (For example, some other statutory authority which exists other than the Economy Act.) They may place orders with the|
|U.S. Government agency, such as GSA, or order through other channels. |

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