The Positive And Negative Effects Of Global Warming In Today's Society

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In recent years, the theory of global warming became a controversial topic in today 's society. Many dispute that global warming is due to humans and the many technological advances. Global warming could cause temperature increases, rising sea levels, glacier melting, and increased carbon emissions. The theory of global warming was introduced to the media in the 1900’s. The extreme amount of carbon dioxide was slowly corroding the ozone layer. It is stated in the environmental science reference site, that there were scientists who presented the idea of theory during the time period of the industrial revolution, but they were dismissed as being alarmists. Global warming is not a cause for concern because it does not impact the scarcity of resources, …show more content…
The increased temperatures in the winter will cause the colder climates to be warmer and more suitable for living, thus deaths in the winter caused my heart failure will cease to exceed deaths in the summer due to heatwaves. The NCPA states that if you take into count all the positive and negative effects global warming has had on the climate that the overall effect would be positive. They also stated that the change in the climate over the past one hundred years has improved human welfare. According to The Spectator, the death rates from floods, drought, and storms have dropped from over fifty present since the 1920s.
In brief people might say that global warming is still worse, but there are many facts that prove global warming has numerous positives. The Arctic Ice is in fact increasing, humans account for an extremely small percentage of C02 in the air, and there have been no extreme temperature changes in years. The About Education Geography site stated that the next ice may even be prevented. The land is expanding, rising, and producing more vegetation compared to years before. The positives outweigh the negatives

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