US Response To The Holocaust

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The Holocaust
During the Holocaust, approximately six million people died; 1.5 million children and 4.5 adults perished in this 12 year nightmare. Many reacted and supported this act, while others strongly disagreed. No matter which side was the most significant, there were multiple responses to this tragedy.
U.S. Response to the Holocaust
During World War II, the U.S. fought endlessly for 12 years, fighting to save the world. The Holocaust affected over 6 million people, and it also changed millions of perspectives.
The U.S. had multiple responses to the Holocaust. Many survivors are still haunted with the events that they lived through. The U.S. response to the Holocaust was unforgettable.
Comparatively, “the American soldiers marched into a place called Buchenwald that day. These war-hardened veterans had seen almost every form of horror that one human could visit on another during war. But nothing prepared the soldiers for the sight of the Buchenwald death camp” (Kallen).
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The troops’ felt horrified when they found Buchenwald and the victims that was caused Hitler. According to, anti-semitism means, “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group”. This is displayed all throughout the Holocaust. What the American soldiers say was what would happen if an angry man came to power (Kallen).
Americans saw the worst during WW11. Our response to the Holocaust was mixed. Some supported Hitler, and some disagreed deeply. What America wanted was the war to end, and we did everything we could do.
U.S. Efforts to Save Prisoners/Victims of the Holocaust and Anti Semitists
The U.S. had many efforts to save the prisoners and victims of the Holocaust. We did everything we could to save victims of the

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