The Holocaust And Evian Conference

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The World 's Reaction, start of the Evian Conference

Death was all around, corpses and the smell of rotting flesh. What was happening to humanity? Would there be an end to all the madness of the Nazis? During the Holocaust and Evian Conference, the countries of the world did the minimum to try to stop the persecution of the Jews and others; the world should have stepped in quite sooner instead of letting so many be executed.
Allowing Refugees in America believed that if they allowed refugees in that they would affect the economy, especially while recovering from the great depression. Although America and other countries had sympathy for the refugees, they gave many reasons as for why they did not want to allow them into their countries (“The
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As an article stated, “Facing economic, social, and political oppression, thousands of German Jews wanted to flee the Third Reich, but found few countries willing to accept them,” (“American Response”). Americans said they would help but were not much of a big help in the beginning. Even though Americans did not seem to have a hatred against jews, they did have somewhat of a dislike towards them (“American Response”). The Countries did try to be AMBITIOUS at finding a solution. While the Americans and British were having the conference on what to do next, there were Jews that were revolting against the Nazis (“American Response”). There were also some others that would try and help and fight against the Nazi’s by the Jews side. The Americans and British were more worried as to what they would do after they saved victims, since neither wanted to allow more refugees in (“American Response”). Jews had nowhere to go and nowhere to be, they were a nobody, “Once they had left their homeland they remained homeless, once they had left their state they remained stateless; once they had been deprived of their human rights they were righteous,weightless,ruthless,” (“America and the Holocaust”). The Jews just want to be just as normal as everyone

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