Essay about U.s. Health Care System

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Recent Innovation in U.S. Health Care System The health care system in the United States has experienced a proliferation of innovations that are geared towards improving quality of life, life expectancy, and diagnostic and treatment alternatives. These innovations have also been developed and implemented from time to time in order to promote and enhance the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the health care system. The proliferation of innovations in the health care sector has been fueled by increased technological revolution that has contributed to the central role played by Information Technology in health. Notably, the innovations in the U.S. health care system take place in different categories of the health sector including health services for special populations, health services financing, health services professionals, outpatient and primary care services, long term care, and medical technology. An example of a recent innovation in the U.S. health system is the proposed National Health IT Strategy by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
Innovations in the U.S. Health Care System As previously mentioned, the United States health care system has been characterized by proliferation of innovations. These innovations have centered on improving life expectancy, enhancing diagnostic and treatment alternatives, and improving the efficiency and affordability of health care services (Omachonu & Einspruch, 2010, p.2). Generally, Information Technology has…

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