U.s. Health Care System Essay

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As the business of healthcare continues to move toward the value-based purchasing, and as long as there is substantial fee-for-service reimbursement, the dilemma in the medical community will continue to be that of how to prepare for the future of the evolving health care system while preventing the adverse financial situation in the short term and increasing patient’s care within the society.
Although , the health care system in the United States is making health care affordable for millions of people, with the influx of new patients seeking health care across the country, are some new challenges coupled with the older challenges of U.S. health care system in general.

According to Mosquera (2014), some of the challenges facing the health care system today are; the inability of health care establishments to have control over the cost of the value-based models of healthcare. Unfortunately, many providers are increasingly concerned that they may be reaching a point at which the cost of building and maintaining their value-based organization is not being supported by their fee-for-service reimbursement model.

Secondly, as health organizations continue to migrate to the valued based, most observers and health institution leaders feel that the strategy used by many employers for reducing their healthcare costs, managing the concentration of the payers market ,and physician practice alignment with the new model could create financial problems for healthcare…

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