U.s. Department Of Health And Human Services Essay

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Introduction. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] (2003) implemented healthcare regulations on patient privacy and confidentiality of information in conjunction with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA] of 1996. One of the ultimate goals of these privacy rules is to ensure protection of health information within healthcare entities that promote a high quality of care. The privacy rules also protect any institution from future threats to their respective health information systems. The following research lists potential threats to a particular community hospital. Internal Threats. Like most organizations possessing confidential patron information, West Anaheim Medical Center is subject to numerous threats. Internally, human error alone poses a significant threat to HIPAA regulations. The training and education of each staff member is highly valued at this facility, boasting a low turnover rate. Human error is typically caused from an incompetent employee, at the hands of management. Executives take full responsibility when something goes array and blames poor training and education techniques. HIPAA requires training for all workforce members on the organization 's privacy policies and procedures, even trainees and volunteers (HHS, 2003). West Anaheim Medical Center takes this rule quite seriously by administering several training updates a year for new and current employees, consisting of video and situational exercises.…

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