Types Of Snacks And Junk Food Essay

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There are many types of snacks. There are nutritional snacks and there are non-nutritional snacks, also known as junk food. There is a fine line separating these classifications; big portions of nutritional food can prove to be unhealthy and small portions of junk food can be considered healthy. Disregarding these classifications differences, they share the same categories. Nutritional snacks and junk foods come in three distinct flavors: sweet, salty, or spicy.
Leading a healthy lifestyle can be considered both challenging and costly. Mostly every morning I stop at a local gas station to buy a snack for the school day. When I’m browsing up and down the aisles, looking for something to eat, I must remind myself to pick something nutritional. Choosing between a bag of chips and a crunchy peanut butter clif bar can test a lifestyle. I also must remind myself that I am a teenager with a low income, the nutritional organic bar surprisingly costs more than the bag of chips, which can be problematic.
Portions are very important when eating healthy, eating too much of something can have negative effects. I have realized that it does not matter if it is nutritional, if I eat too big of a portion, the healthy food could effect me the same way junk food does. Although, I can still eat junk food and still keep my calorie intake in check if I control my portions. There is a large variety of sweet nutritional snacks. A great deal of nutritional sweets are fruits such as: raspberries,…

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