Types Of Self And Self Esteem Change During Adolescence Essay example

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Chapter 12 Learning Activity
1) Identify ways in which self-conceptions and self-esteem change during adolescence.
Adolescent boys and girls as they grow are able to describe themselves in various ways. Many of the descriptions are actually contradictory. So they understand that this is possible and also they have an understanding of the use of synonyms like rather than saying there are smart they use words like clever or bright. They have evolved in their use of vocabulary and can use verbiage outside of the basic. An example of a contradiction they use to identify their self –conception is they would say they are funny and no nonsense at the same time. As far as self- esteem, the way it changes for adolescents their friendships and popularity hugely affect their self-esteem. As they enter adolescent age they are enduring body changes, voice changes, hormonal changes; their self-esteem does tend to go down but just for a short time. Once they embrace the changes and enter high school their self -esteem comes back up. Another part of their lives that influences self-esteem is their home life. Having parents who are actively involved and have a positive relationship with their child leads to a higher self-esteem in that child.
2) Explore changes in adolescent relationships with parents and the contribution of parenting style and monitoring to adolescent adjustment.
As children grow into preteen age they strive to become more independent. They are fearless and rely…

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